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Voting and Elections

November 6th is almost here.  Are you ready to vote?  Are you still undecided after 4 debates?  A good objective source to find out each candidates views on all the issues is the site.  This website is also good for all you students and others doing debates of your own.

What else do you need to prepare to vote?  Not sure where you polling place is?  Go to the League of Women Voter’s site  To request an absentee ballot go to to find out how.

For more good information go to the Voting and Election site from

Have other questions?  You can always ask a librarian.


Celebrate Open Access Week

Looking for peer-reviewed/scholarly research articles on a topic?  Recently graduated from college or no longer affiliated with an academic institution?  You can get access to a growing number of research articles through the Directory of Open Access Journals.

It wasn’t that long ago when the vast majority of research papers were published in journals that could only be read by academics if they — or their university libraries — paid a subscription. Thanks to the growth of the world wide web and the growth of open access publishing more research papers are made freely available online.

The cost of databases, print and electronic journal subscriptions has sky-rocketed impacting both libraries and individuals.  In a 2011 report entitled “The Survey of Library Databases Licensing Practices” (which you can read for 89.50 here), academic libraries surveyed spent a mean of $1.259 million for content licensed in electronic or joint electronic print format in 2010.

Other sites where you can access scholarly articles and reports include the Information Resources page of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association.


Is there an ereader in your future

Many libraries now are offering ebooks for a variety of ereaders – Nook‘s, Kindle’s, Android devices, iPads, iPods and more.

The most popular ebook service available through libraries is provided by a vendor called Overdrive.  Many libraries have branded their Overdrive ebook collection with names – Maryland Digital eLibrary, Southern Illinois Libraries on the GO, Delaware’s Digital Library or The Free Library of Philadelphia‘s Your Overdrive Digital Library.  Regardless of the name, libraries are providing both fiction and non-fiction ebooks for adults and children.  Check out your library website and look for a link or icon to connect you to free ebooks that you can borrow to read.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The deadline for registering to vote in many states has passed but there’s still time to register in some states.  Check for deadlines.

Want to make sure that you’re already registered and haven’t been purged?  Go to the League of Women’s Voters

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